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      Workshop “Lady Emilly” is a small family workshop for manufacturing soaps based on traditional, very old recipes, established at the end of 2008. After testing before the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of Serbia, on 26th March 2010, it officially received the opinion and certificate on old crafts No 0181 that was awarded to us at the ceremony held in Sombor. The Certificate proves that the workshop “Lady Emilly” is engaged in old crafts – in manufacturing the soaps based on old, traditional recipes and it received the permit to put on its products the stylized symbol of open palm with the inscription “product of old craft”.

      OUR MOTTO IS QUALITY! Therefore we chose old recipes that are believed to date back to the Antique times. We adapted the recipes to the needs of modern buyers and we received natural soaps made of natural, virgin and organic vegetable oils with the addition of pure essential oils instead of artificial fragrances. We also add into our soaps dried or fresh herbs and pure natural ingredients such as honey, goat milk, chocolate, etc. that additionally improve the quality. Due to their quality, the soaps have the characteristic of cosmetic ones since they nourish skin and due to their natural and healthy ingredients they have curative effect, as well.

      All our products besides being 100% natural and pure are completely hand-made and packed. At the webpage “packaging” you can see various types of packaging of our soaps. Along with the good quality and nice packaging, we have multi-purpose soaps – as a gift souvenir, gift as a token of appreciation and gift to your body to make it feel better and healthier.

      Enjoy Caesarian products “Lady Emilly”!

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