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      “Lady Emilly” soaps are handmade soaps made of genuine natural ingredients: high-quality cold-presses vegetable oils with the addition of pure natural essential oils and fresh or dried herbs. These are natural soaps for the whole body and the whole family made of 100% natural and healthy ingredients good for skin, whose fragrance improves your mood and lasting much longer than ordinary soaps.


      Due to their ingredients, all our soaps also have cosmetic properties– they are good for skin, they clean it, regenerate and hydrate it, remove dead skin cells and prevent cracking – the skin is smooth, soft and silky. Due to their natural and exceptionally healthy ingredients, they can be very helpful in treating many skin diseases, and numerous consumers using our soaps have said that they are also good for shaving.

      What is it that makes our soaps an exceptional choice for you?

      Olive oil is very useful for skin care as it is rich in numerous types of nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins. Olive oil contains vitamin E and numerous polyphenol known for their characteristic to delay ageing. It also contains natural moisturizer squalene with the incredible capacity to regulate secretion. Another nutrient ingredient of olive oil ischlorophyll helping in treatment of sores, scars and acnes.
      Antiseptic properties of coconut oil prevent the development of fungal and bacterial diseases. Pure virgin coconut oil is the best natural ingredient for skin and hair care. It provides them with soft and smooth structure and protects skin from being dry, rough and wrinkled.
      Palm oil is rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A and D. Due to high concentration of vitamin E it is recommended for skin cells’ protection and general health improvement. Palm oil improves the texture and quality of hair and hydrates skin. It prevents acnes and skin dryness.

      - Cold-pressed olive oil soap with the herb and essential oil of mint:
      It refreshes skin and tightens it, restores balance, acting antiviral and antibacterial, protects against infections. It helps in acne treatment and is good for intimate parts of the body. Mint oil has weak anesthetic properties and pleasant, refreshing fragrance. Basically, menthol stimulates nerves in our skin, easily evaporates and therefore cools the skin. It is good for dandruff.

      - Cold-pressed olive oil soap with marigold flower and essential oil of orange:
      It shrinks pores and protects the skin cells. It regenerates skin and nourishes it. It tones the skin and it contains vitamin E that is recommended for problematic skin. It helps in the treatment of psoriasis, with ulcers, burns, frostbite, and many skin diseases. It is good for the treatment of oily skin and against eczema and acne. Orange is good in combating cellulite, orange fragrance acts as an antidepressant.It is good for dandruff.

      - Cold-pressed olive oil soap with chamomile flower and essential oil of white pine:
      It is antibacterial, rejuvenates the skin and helps in the treatment of many skin diseases. It helps against eczema and acne. It is good for dandruff.

      - Cold-pressed olive oil soap with flower and essential oil of lavender:
      It helps against acne, oily skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, allergies and soothes redness.Lavender scent relieves dizziness and acts as an antidepressant. It is good for dandruff.

      - Soap from palm oil with ground cinnamon and chocolate:
       It cleanses the skin, good for exfoliating and easily removes dead cells from the skin. It is recommended for dry skin. Cinnamon has a positive effect against gout.The cinnamon and chocolate scent acts as antidepressant. It is good for dandruff.

      - Hair soap from cold pressed olive oil, castor oil and grape-seedwith, walnut leaves, nettle and essential oil of rosemary::
      - Castor oil contains fatty acids, which are known for their anti-viral and antibacterial properties and is effective in the treatment of skin infections. It also helps in removing scars.Grape-seed oil has a feature that can tighten the skin and is used to treat acne and other skin problems. It strengthens the capillaries and arteries, regulates the function of the sebaceous glands. Due to accelerating blood circulation, essential oil of rosemary stimulates hair growth, and is also used for oily and damaged hair. Nettle is excellent for treating hair loss. Walnut gives good results against acne and scabs on the head. It is excellent for dandruff.

      - Children's Soap from cold pressed olive oil with goat milk:
      - It sooths the skin and makes it elastic.It slows down skin aging, makes it vital and accelerates the regenerationIt is good for dandruff, helps against acne, eczema and psoriasis, and is recommended for skin problems. It can be used by the newborns. It is good for dandruff.

      - Soap from palm oil with green honey and essential oil of lemon:
      Aloe is a plant nutrient for every cell. The gel of the aloe has the ability to penetrate into all of the tissue, and therefore its most obvious curative effects are on skin.Honey is excellent for moisturizing and soothing of dry and irritated skin. It is suitable for all skin types. It has a protective role because of its ability to fight free radicals, germs and fungi on our skin. Essential oil of lemon with mental fatigue refreshes and improves concentration and acts as antiseptic on the skin It is very useful for oily skin and hair. It is good for dandruff.

      - Soap made from olive oil and zeolite:
      Zeolite deeply cleans skin, detoxifies it, eliminates heavy metals and free radicals, soothes redness and skin acid, protects the skin from pollution, cleans and prevents pimples, blackheads and acne, keeps proper functioning and health of the skin, restores depleted minerals from skin. It is ideal for cleaning the skin after removing makeup.

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